Iron Oak Home Loans, Inc. was established nearly 25 years ago, with the two founding principals collectively bringing a combined 60+ years of management experience in conventional and portfolio mortgage lending, loan servicing and investor relations.

Since the inception of IOHL in 1999, the company has adjusted to market demands frequently, with 2008 being a pivotal time in mortgage lending where the company's core focus became private money lending and servicing.  As a result of their expertise within the industry, conservative underwriting and lending philosophies, and extremely low delinquency rates, Iron Oak has been a sought-after solution for inventors and brokers alike.

IOHL provides financing for a wide range of borrower profiles; from first time home buyers to seasoned property investors, rehabbers, and flippers.

Headquartered in the SF Bay Area, IOHL is trusted throughout the state of California as the premier private money source.

The Team at Iron Oak