Iron Oak Home Loans, Inc has the unique ability to fund loans that all forms of conventional financing are unable to fund. If a buyer has 30% or more as a down payment and can produce documentation to substantiate his/her ability to repay the loan, then it is very probable that we can fund your loan. Circumstances that would be prohibitive for conventional financing but not for Iron Oak is as follows;

  • Borrower has previous foreclosures, short sale or bankruptcy
  • Borrower has no credit
  • Borrower is not a US citizen
  • Property does not qualify due to poor condition
  • Borrower owns too many properties

Other circumstances that would disqualify a borrower from attaining conventional financing but would be acceptable to Iron Oak are:

  • Borrower has a Work Visa or Non-Conforming Residency
  • Borrower is a corporation or LLC
  • Property is in a Trust

If you are a borrower who has been turned down by conventional lenders, and you believe that you meet the minimum criteria that we require, then give us a call.