Iron Oak Home Loans, Inc is a private mortgage originator and servicing company seeking additional investors who are interested in putting their money to work for a high rate of return. Please call our office for the most current rate of return.

Iron Oak originates purchase money first mortgages on non-owner occupied, multi residential, and owner-occupied properties. We specialize in helping borrowers and properties that do not qualify for conventional financing. These mortgage loans typically range from 60%-70% loan to value. We do offer cash out refinances on all property types at a maximum loan to value of 65%. Our office is in San Ramon, California and we fund loans in California only.

The loan terms for all non-owner occupied properties (including multi-residential) in our portfolio range from 12 to 48 months. The investor has the opportunity to review the loan request with a principal from Iron Oak and approve the transaction prior to committing to and funding the loan. We prepare the loan documents with the note and deed of trust in the investor name. Iron Oak services the loan and sends payments to our investor monthly.

As a result of the current credit guideline restrictions (those preventing many property investors from obtaining loans from traditional banking institutions), buyers are forced to seek private investor financing solutions. Consequently, the credit quality of these clients is very strong. They are able to provide income and asset documentation to support their ability to repay our loans.

If you have any questions or would be interested in discussing this investment opportunity, please give us a call. We also have current investors who are available as references upon request.